Susanne Taylor

Susanne Taylor

Susanne Taylor & Associates is committed to nurturing the body, mind and spirit by specializing in products that embrace the joys of movement, fashion, luxury, comfort and sustainability.  


Luxurious fabrics and products, a positive atmosphere, and a staff filled with soulful integrity is Susanne's mantra. As President and owner of the company, Susanne has a reputation as a visionary. She is known for celebrating and developing the new and constantly searches out unique apparel offerings for her customers.


Contemporary, Designer, Casual, Active, Lounge, Spa, Swim, Resort, Tennis and Lifestyle apparel  that are unique and often eco-friendly render Susanne Taylor & Associates with one of the most unique product mixes in her territory.  There are also two locations in the Dallas area to serve your needs.  One location is at the Dallas World Trade Center on the fifteenth floor in room 15-761 and the other is in nearby Victory Park.


Susanne Taylor and Associates' product mix is often a press and social media favorite, gaining steady recognition through O Magazine, People, WWD, Pulse, In Style, Organic Spa, Yoga Journal, Yoga Magazine, The Tennis Channel, New York Tennis Magazine and Vogue.


The lines we have represented have attracted an A-list celebrity following, including Oprah Winfrey, Ellen, Jennifer Aniston, Brittany, Julia Roberts, Reese Witherspoon, Eva Longoria, Justin Bieber, Matt Damon, Brittany Curran and Selena Gomez to name but a few. And while such an A-list celebrity following is always a good selling point for retailers with consumers, Susanne feels it is the growing desire at the consumer level for great product with ethical principles that is the real driving force behind the business success. Susanne also feels consumers and buyers alike are looking for relationships in those that they do business with today and they want and deserve those relationships to be transparent.